earth medicine Jan 08, 2019

Coming home to ourselves. This is the energy of black spruce, or picea mariana. Because being in a grove of old conifer forest is an experience of deep soul restoration.

These trees connect us to the great energy it takes along the journey of our own long-term evolution. They remind us of our ties to the ancients-the footprints of our familial lineage, ancestral wisdom and collective past.

Black spruce speaks to our own forgotten reservoirs of endurance, courage and confidence. In its presence our sacred spines become more upright, our roots wet, nourished and plunging deeper.  

In this way, it holds a light of hope in our most exhausting, challenging, and depressing times of life- a reminder of our own wellspring of inner strength. It is an excellent remedy for adrenal dysregulation, hormonal imbalances and fatigue- connecting us to our own inner healing principle so that we can always discern what we really need.

Conifer forests also hold the special quality of acting as...

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