Feeling Possible to Ourselves - Using the Essential Oil May Chang

earth medicine march Mar 11, 2019

The birds have given it away.

The chickadees, sparrows, towhees, and of course, the glorious robins — their proud orange pot-bellies leading them forward — have begun their persuasive song of joy. Held within the steely grasp of winter, we would have forgotten them entirely. But they are emerging now from their dark tree caverns of rest, a raucous chittering piercing the winter hush.

Arms and legs shifting, the bones of Mother Earth are beginning to feel restless. We are on the cusp. That transitory time of agitation, a stirring, a preparation to move energy from root back out into branches. Woody fingertips twitching. The green drive to grow up and out.

I know it is early. 

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is a soggy but rambunctious affair. It is her hope that keeps me living here, the longing for unfolding chartreuse petals and rose daphne whispers. This tender budding, these eager little shoots yearn to permeate the barren spaces of winter. Trees begin...

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When You Loose Your Mojo: 5 Strategies for Confidence Sent Adrift

confidence Feb 28, 2019

No matter how happy someone may seem, they have moments when they question if they can go on. No matter how confident someone may look, there are times when they feel unsure and insecure. And no matter how strong someone may appear, they have days when they feel like they’re falling apart. Never think for a moment you’re alone with your struggles. You’re not a mess. You’re human.

-Lori Deschene

Maybe I should tape it to the wall.


This was one of many scattered thoughts I had when I received my first writing rejection email. After some initial interest from the publisher, followed up with a request for the full manuscript, the final response came back as a firm “not a fit.”


On reading this reply my mind digressed to a vision of all the writers before me and with me, all of their many rejection letters piled up as some messy fortress of paper. I know some who collect these letters like flimsy badges of honor, a reminder of their own...

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Fists & Tears: Where Do the Divine Feminine and Masculine Live in Me?

“The Divine Feminine is an immeasurable and limitless Essence that cannot be known only with the mind. To write a book about the most indescribably indescribable and infinitely infinite of energies would be like attempting to put all of the light of the universe into one small box. It simply cannot be done.” ~ Renee Starr

A great yawn escapes and presses against the sky as humanity shifts, stirs from its slumber. We are waking now, curious to the deficiencies in our awareness, the blind spots over our shoulders.

We are wondering how to invite Her back in. The Divine Feminine has been here with us all along, but Her presence has been repetitively denied, concealed, and rejected. Without realizing it, a wall was erected within us, the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine principles separated and estranged from each other.

As part of the radical practice of supporting the co-humanity of women, men, and those with no assigned gender, we are all being tasked with better...

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Bergamot- FEBRUARY

“January was a tough year but I made it.”

The grumblings of this sentiment have been going around a lot lately. How did January feel to you- more like a year than a month? The evolutionary burn, the sheer intensity and speed of the energies at this time have us all heaving up and down.

When everything around us feels chaotic, swimming with emotion and heaviness, we are asked to slow, to reassess, maybe even close our eyes for a while. While in the dark we can proceed using all of our senses, better perceiving through our hearts and intuition.

The dark, the confusing, the overwhelming asks us to continually access where we stand. Are we moving forward aligned with what feels authentic in our guts, or are we persuaded by ego, by what feels more shiny, more flashy, more accepted, easier somehow?

As usual, plant medicine wants to be of service to us. Like a golden beam of light through irritable, grey clouds, Bergamot is truly uplifting when we have had a loss of insight. ...

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earth medicine Jan 08, 2019

Coming home to ourselves. This is the energy of black spruce, or picea mariana. Because being in a grove of old conifer forest is an experience of deep soul restoration.

These trees connect us to the great energy it takes along the journey of our own long-term evolution. They remind us of our ties to the ancients-the footprints of our familial lineage, ancestral wisdom and collective past.

Black spruce speaks to our own forgotten reservoirs of endurance, courage and confidence. In its presence our sacred spines become more upright, our roots wet, nourished and plunging deeper.  

In this way, it holds a light of hope in our most exhausting, challenging, and depressing times of life- a reminder of our own wellspring of inner strength. It is an excellent remedy for adrenal dysregulation, hormonal imbalances and fatigue- connecting us to our own inner healing principle so that we can always discern what we really need.

Conifer forests also hold the special quality of acting as...

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great mystery Jan 02, 2019

Yesterday I listened to the ocean as never before. Thousands of wild horses in one continuous stampede, hypnotizing me with their thunder, penetrating my every crack and hollow until I too became an unending rush of hooves and saltwater. And I fell into a luscious childhood sleep, the sand soft and full of deja vu. I let the endless rotation of rumbles grind down the one-million-things that pursue me, my litany of adult worries, letting them become a pulverized dust to be blown away by the unseasonably gentle winds. 

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rhythms and cycles Jan 01, 2019


A thick blanketed hush lays on the land now. Hibernating frogs are resting still on the bottom of creek beds. The heavy breath of sleeping foxes escapes from stolen dens. Flower bulbs buried deep within the folds of the earth are pregnant with spring time imaginings.

Shhh, no talking now. It is time for a rooted rest: to dream, to reflect, to imagine, to contemplate, to meditate. Because there can be no talking when you are deeply listening.

Your own highest self leads you forward now, down a dark forested path to a black, previously undiscovered glade. And it is in this hidden place that you find a pond, dark and purple. Water in its most healing form.

Without hesitation or fear, you begin to emerge yourself in these quiet waters, feeling their cool caresses gently take you in. It is here that this connective fluid force can soothe your fraught nerves and your exhausted mind. You feel the vibration of these rich amethyst waters settle into your...

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