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Want it. Want all of it. It is time to finally connect with that inner-creature hunger, a longing to want more from your life. The animal in you already knows about DESIRE, FREEDOM, RECEIVING, and TRUST. But have you been listening?

Woman, this is for you.

For those who can smell the weather changing, the birth of some new world coming through the pillars of their sturdy legs. This is for my fellow instigators of shift. For those called to become their own liberators- this is honeyed nectar for your soul-based life.

I guide spirit-led women in boldly claiming their feminine confidence and instinctive self-trust. This collective is for any woman that has begun to sniff out how false assumptions and a lack of sincere investigation has kept her from truly knowing her rooted confidence. She is tired of continually seeking power outside of herself-she is finally ready to start feeding her soul well.

Feminine confidence is about doing the inner journeying into what we hold possible. It lies in stark contrast to traditional ideas about confidence-the polished appearances and shiny masks which belie parched and shaky cores. 

When we deeply know where this more grounded, authentic, animalistic confidence lives in us, we touch into those parts of ourselves that are tenacious, primal, maybe even a little dark, a little dangerous. 

Because a woman can be soft and still bare her canines at you. She can be easy sunshine, pummeling rain, well-behaved winds, furious fire, and everything in between. Feminine confidence makes room for all of you. Read more here....

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The inextricable force that bonds women and the natural world is the very keystone of this transformational work.


Women changemakers need to know and remember themselves as made from this living world. Because the mirror is being held higher now; the earth is an on-going reflection of our own psychological state. Our reticence to care for her is mirrored in our inability to lovingly care for ourselves. 

What would happen if you began to take your cues from the natural world? What does the earth have to teach us about self sustenance, inner trust, and instinct?  Devour more here...


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