Hello magnificent one.

Something written here has tugged at cords deep in the abyss of you. A realization that feminine confidence wants to come to the forefront of your life now and you need a sorceress guide to help you walk your power into the world. A deep knowing that when you rise, you will take the world with you.

One-on-one work is a potent way to amplify your confidence transformation. Because sometimes we just need more. More guidance, more time, more depth, more of a kick in the ass.

It can be so hard to catch our own blind spots, to know when we have been triggered, or fallen into the same old story vortex. This is where having an ally, a watchful outside observer, can help us finally get clarity on the things we can not see ourselves.

I love to go into the dusty, dark, previously unknown and unseen places with women- to expose what they didn’t know was there before and to stretchhhhhh them into a new perspective.

After many years as an energy-medicine practitioner, my superpower is reading the subtleties of body or voice expression and extracting what patterns are at work within. It is these seemingly small but crazy important “little things” that express so much about what we believe and how we unconsciously apologize for our power.

It is a deeply shocking day when we wake up to all of the ways that we have been half living. Whether we have been hiding behind the demands of work or engaged in the all-consuming needs of family or children, we have been acting as a ghost machine of sorts. Mindlessly trudging through our days. Barely existing. Just getting by.

But I want more for you.

To not exist for survival alone but to inhabit yourself completely. Because when you have held and palpated all of your many stories, they become your power instead of your deficiency. When you explore every contour of our own vast inner scenery, hike the vistas of your towering strengths and sleep in the caves of your most grisly insecurities, a different kind of self-trust emerges.

This is a woman that can sit with the weight of herself, meat and all, and just know her own essential substance.

3-Month Mentorship

1- FREE 30 min connection call to determine if we are a good fit and to help me design an individualized plan for you.

1- initial 90 min call to lay the groundwork and to better understand your intent, expectations and needs.

5- 45 min calls (about 2x/month). Each call includes time to celebrate actions taken, as well as time for teaching, practices, and next steps.

5-Month Mentorship

All of the same things as the 3 month but includes 11- 45 min calls total (2x/month) so that we can explore long, lingering stubborn patterns in greater depth. You can also start with 3 months and decide to add on if you need to.

Loving, yet action oriented, I have 16+ years of holding sacred space for women swimming through the tides of change. This is a unique opportunity to receive my focused attention over the course of 3 or 5 months. But you have to decide you want this, that you are committed to this change for yourself.

Let’s in lean in here, letting the barriers of location fade away. Put your hand on your chest now and ask your heart the following questions. This will give me a better sense of who you are and what you want.

If it feels like a fit, then we will set up a half-hour connection session (for free) so that I can give you a better sense of how I work and what you can expect. If it continues to feel like a fit, then I will send you a map of our work together, the structure, time frame of our sessions and pricing. And then we will jump in!

So while the energy burns strongly in you, take 15 minutes to complete these questions. Let your answers be raw and real-straight from your heart.

So while the energy burns strongly in you...

Take 15 minutes to complete these questions. Let your answers be raw and real-straight from your heart.

Thank you for sharing yourself so openly with me in this way.

I’ll send you a love note in 2-3 days so that we can get started.

"In the end you have only your heart to answer to. What will it say to you at the end of days? That you lived in the shadow of someone else’s inquiry or that you lived in the light of your own?"

~ Latisha Guthrie


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