Want to be part of a community of shift-sparking women whose lives and work reflect their desire to be a love-led part of this changing world?

Joining the collective means that you are taking a bold step in fending off the isolation that can ensue within our overstretched lives. Because sometimes we mistake the feeling of frantic fullness with real soul-level satiation.  

We don’t realize that underneath all of that highly addictive busyness is a hollow loneliness.

That amidst this modern inundation of attractive, surface-level stimulations, we are yearning for something more, something with teeth.  Sharp fangs to puncture the truth of the matter and get our sticky, curiosity juices flowing.

Let us bring an easy courage to our questionings- together. To circle up in the strength of community and to lean on each other for accountability, depth, inspiration and connection.

Joining the Feminine Confidence Collective will give you access to many of the practices and self-care rituals that I use myself everyday.

Signing up means:

A short video class every week that includes one primary practice, as well as writing prompts/creative ideas to bring the essence of the practice out of your mind and into your embodied self. Because our lives have the potential to be one continuous, overflowing sacred ritual, but we lose sight of this perspective in the midst of the pressures of modern living.

Taking time to digest and assimilate, then you have the option of utilizing the circle’s private Facebook group and sharing your experience, your thoughts, and your experimentations. This is to use the best of the cyber web to bring women from all over the world together, to learn from each other.

The practices and teachings in the collective will focus on the themes of: feminine confidence, authentic self-sustenance, sacred sovereignty, energy hygiene and boundaries, and the voice of the body.

The energy exchange for being part of the group is 79$/month. Each group will gather for 3 months and then have the option to renew.

All material will be left posted for you to review and practice as much as you would like.

I am so excited to join in circle and share these practices with you!

Next circle starting in Fall of 2019. 

Sign up here to be first in line for the next gathering!

"You cannot buy the revolution.  You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere."

~ Ursula K. Le Guin


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