Want to be part of a community of shift-sparking women whose lives and work reflect their desire to be a love-led part of this changing world? 

Joining the collective means that you are taking a bold step in fending off the isolation that can ensue within our overstretched lives. Because sometimes we mistake the feeling of frantic fullness with real soul-level satiation.  

We don’t realize that underneath all of that highly addictive busyness is a hollow loneliness. 

That amidst this modern inundation of attractive, surface-level stimulations, we are yearning for something more, something with teeth.  Sharp fangs to puncture the truth of the matter and get our sticky, curiosity juices flowing. 

Let us bring an easy courage to our questionings- together. This is the power of women in circle, leaning on each other for accountability, depth, inspiration and connection. 

In this collective we will place a hand on the beating heart of your animal desires, as examined through the health of your feminine confidence, self-loyalty, and authentic self-care. Weekly practices and ritual, as well as mojo-returning teachings will act to embody change deep into the fabric of your life. 

These practices will remind you to DESIRE MORE. To know in the marrow of your bones that your desires are what are most true about you, and it is the heat of their ever burning flames that inspire you forward.

Will you survive without tuning into your desires? Yes, you will still get out of bed in the morning, you will still brush your teeth at night, you will still be able to run the hamster wheel of your life. But part of your soul’s maturation process is to want more for yourself than to just survive.

To know more for yourself than just settling. As women, I think we have gotten the settling, the “getting by” thing down pat. We have just gotten by with shitty bosses and caustic partners and potato chip meals. Gotten by with inhumane work hours and lude, inappropriate comments from co-workers. There are so many, many ways we have settled, stuffed, or sucked it up. So many times that we have closed down something within ourselves in order to survive. 

It is time we do better than “just getting by.” It is time we actually listen to that wise voice inside of us that actually knows what we need to live well. That voice that is always moving us towards health, that voice that knows when we need to eat, drink, shit, love, rest, sleep, pray, scream. That voice that we ignore so often. Perhaps you have not made time for your wise voice before, the one that actually knows your desires as sacred. Well now is the time for you to finally listen up.

Perhaps you already smell your passions, see you dreams, and hear your desires, but they feel eternally hard to access because they have been on the back burner for so long. Maybe the passions themselves are easy to identify but they continue to linger just out of reach or feel perpetually “too hard” to actually manifest.

This is where touching in with your feminine confidence becomes so critical. Instead of leaving your confidence to be unexamined, rocked on a gossamer hammock made of false assumptions or a flimsy inner trust, we will take a good, hard look at what your confidence actually rests on. And we will use an entirely different lens from which to view and understand this confidence, discovering a rooted inner trust at the crossroads of the feminine and the natural world. Rejecting old paradigms of arrogance and aggression taught to us through the toxic masculine, we will feel into a confidence of inherent completeness as modeled to us by the living world. Read more about feminine confidence here.

Joining the Crave Collective is an opportunity to touch in with the radical inner trust and self-loyalty that lives within the rich reservoir of your female power. Do not be afraid of all you contain. Do not shy away from what is fierce, tender, humble, loud, angry, loving, content and restless within you- there is room for all of you here. It is time to make space for the naturalness of your full experience.

Gathering in the collective will give you access to many of the practices and self-care rituals that I use myself everyday.


Signing Up Means:

  • A pre-recorded video class every week for you to watch on your own time that includes one primary practice, as well as ritual and writing prompts/creative ideas to bring the essence of the practice out of your mind and into your embodied self.
  • 2 Zoom calls to have your questions answered live and be together in the spirit of organic co-creation.
  • Option of utilizing the circle’s private Facebook group to share your experiences, thoughts, and experimentations. 
  • The energy exchange for being part of the Crave Collective is $497 for 8 weeks.
  • An early bird cost option of $397 will be available from now until September 30th.
  • Classes will be released every Tuesday from October 15th to December 10th (off for the week of Thanksgiving). Zoom meeting times will be announced. 

I am so honored and excited to join in circle with you, to witness what is possible when we finally, lovingly show up for that wise animal inside us.

Let your DESIRE lead you forward...Join me NOW!

"You cannot buy the revolution.  You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere."

~ Ursula K. Le Guin


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