rhythms and cycles Jan 01, 2019


A thick blanketed hush lays on the land now. Hibernating frogs are resting still on the bottom of creek beds. The heavy breath of sleeping foxes escapes from stolen dens. Flower bulbs buried deep within the folds of the earth are pregnant with spring time imaginings.

Shhh, no talking now. It is time for a rooted rest: to dream, to reflect, to imagine, to contemplate, to meditate. Because there can be no talking when you are deeply listening.

Your own highest self leads you forward now, down a dark forested path to a black, previously undiscovered glade. And it is in this hidden place that you find a pond, dark and purple. Water in its most healing form.

Without hesitation or fear, you begin to emerge yourself in these quiet waters, feeling their cool caresses gently take you in. It is here that this connective fluid force can soothe your fraught nerves and your exhausted mind. You feel the vibration of these rich amethyst waters settle into your...

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