Fists & Tears: Where Do the Divine Feminine and Masculine Live in Me?

“The Divine Feminine is an immeasurable and limitless Essence that cannot be known only with the mind. To write a book about the most indescribably indescribable and infinitely infinite of energies would be like attempting to put all of the light of the universe into one small box. It simply cannot be done.” ~ Renee Starr

A great yawn escapes and presses against the sky as humanity shifts, stirs from its slumber. We are waking now, curious to the deficiencies in our awareness, the blind spots over our shoulders.

We are wondering how to invite Her back in. The Divine Feminine has been here with us all along, but Her presence has been repetitively denied, concealed, and rejected. Without realizing it, a wall was erected within us, the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine principles separated and estranged from each other.

As part of the radical practice of supporting the co-humanity of women, men, and those with no assigned gender, we are all being tasked with better...

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